A Look at Some Options for Wireless Outdoor Speakers

A Look at Some Options for Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Having an outdoor party is a great way to distract yourself from the heat and also enjoys some food and conversation with your friends. If you are lucky enough to have a pool by your house then you and your friends can refresh themselves. However, a party wouldn’t be complete without decent food in some music. I’m not going to get into how you can get some decent food. I’m going to focus instead on how you can add some music to an outdoor environment.

If you don’t have wireless networking or don’t want to invest in an Internet radio, then why not go for some wireless speakers. There are a number of outdoor wireless speakers available from Amphony, Soundcast, Sony and other manufacturers. I’m going to look at some of these and in particular discuss what you should look out for when making your purchase. Of course, instead of buying expensive speakers, you can just crank up a radio. However, most radio programs are full of commercials and you probably want to instead play music from the CD collection or stream music from the Internet. If you have wireless networking set up in your house, then you can just purchase an Internet radio which can pick up the wireless signal and stream music. However, most Internet radios have tiny speakers and are not suitable for outdoors. The best option thus is setting up some decent speakers. Having some good speakers can really help create a great atmosphere.

Amphony ifinity wireless speakers

Obviously, the type of speakers which you are going to buy depends a lot on your set up. If you have a huge space outdoors then you obviously need some speakers that have decent wattage. Speakers from Amphony, for example, are rated at 80 W per speaker. Soundcast makes an outdoor speaker which is rated at 30 Watts. The advantage of the Soundcast speaker is that it comes with a heavy-duty battery. That means you don’t need be concerned about having power nearby the speaker. The Amphony speaker, on the other hand, has to be plugged in. If you do have a power outlet then I would recommend the Amphony. If you don’t stand go with the Soundcast.

Both of these speakers are free standing speakers which means they don’t have amount included. You just simply put them on the floor. They both come with a transmitter base that will take audio from your cell phone or any other source. The wireless range should be enough for most situations. Sony makes an outdoor speaker which is based on Bluetooth. It doesn’t have a transmitter base because it takes a signal directly from a cell phone. If you don’t need much range then this is a good option. Regardless of what speaker you buy, try to arrange for a test. That will give you the ability to assess whether that particular model is suitable for your environment.