Ways for Improving the Sound Quality of Your Cell Phone by Using a Bluetooth Receiver

If you have a cell phone such as an iPhone then most likely you always get annoyed when listening to music over the speakers which are integrated into the phone. The sound simply doesn’t have any bass and it appears quite tinny. Unfortunately, designers of loudspeakers have not yet been able to come up with a design which produces adequate sound quality in a tiny package. And a tiny package is exactly what the designers of cell phones have to deal with. There’s virtually no room inside the phone for decent speaker. Phones were actually never designed to broadcast music via the internal speaker. In addition, there’s only one speaker inside the phone and thus you will not be able to play stereo music over phones speaker.

However, most cell phones have wireless technology integrated that supports streaming audio. Bluetooth is a technology which is widespread. By using a Bluetooth receiver from http://www.amphony.com/products/bluetooth-audio-receiver.htm which is connected to an amplifier, you can easily stream music from your phone to your home speakers. Alternatively, you can purchase some Bluetooth speakers. Those speakers can also pick up the signal from a cell phone by using Bluetooth. In most cases, the speakers can be taken on the road because they are powered from internal batteries.

wireless speakers with an iPod cradle

However, don’t be surprised if the quality that Bluetooth speakers offer is less then you desire. Especially models that are inexpensive often lack quality. However, there still better than playing music over the internal speakers. If you want to enjoy music by yourself then using some decent headphones is another good option. The advantage of using headphones is that you don’t have to lug around speakers while you can still get good sound quality. When picking headphones, I would recommend to choose models with a low speaker impedance. An impedance is expressed in ohms. Headphones with a high impedance such as 200 or more ohms are not easily driven well from a cell phone. That is because cell phones work with an internal voltage of less than three walls. This voltage limits the amount of power that the phone is able to output on to the headphones.

When using a Bluetooth audio receiver, you obviously don’t have this issue. You can crank up the speakers is loud as you want. Also, the sound quality that you get by using a Bluetooth receiver along with a decent pair of speakers is much better than the quality that typical Bluetooth speakers will offer.